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Redsnow-A Jailbreak Tool


Redsnow, a tool to jailbreak the iPhone OS, is developed by the Dev-Team. Initially, redsnow was known by the name, QuickPWN. Redsnow is used for both Windows and Mac and is considered to be one of the most efficient jailbreaks by the people.

Recently, Redsn0w 0. 9. 8b1 is released by the Dev-team. It is highly effective in jailbreaking the latest Apple operating system for mobile devices, iOS 5 (beta).

Now, in order to gain ‘jailbreak mode’ on the computer, you must connect your device to the computer. In other words, Redsnow is a tethered jailbreak. Are all the improvements that is added to iOS are still excellent tojailbreak your device?

To achieve higher customization level for my iPhone and access to settings that were not present in the official iOS in the past, i used to jailbreak my iphone. After all, this could enhance my iDevice experience.

In addition to improvements that are already present in iOS 5, there are still few missings.

According to me, iOS 5 is a forward step that is great for the Apple and there seems to be the benefit of the clients of jailbreak community. I wish this would be the same for many companies. (e. g. Sony)

Here are some of the characteristics that helped Apple gaining this step forward are:

Phone-to-phone texting

Merged notifications

Newspaper/Magazine subscriptions

Excellent reminder system

Faster camera access

Picture editing tools

System-wide Twitter combination

Tabbed browsing

Reader vision

Reach text email

PC-free setup/updates

Wi-fi sync

iOS is one of the advanced operating system in market today as iOS is an integration of so many features.

But the question still remains ” there is still a requirement of jailbreak? “

Most people will say that “YES”, we must have jailbreak as they don’t know, what function the new iOS can perform. There are still many good applications that are not present in new iOS (e. g. Bite SMS). The features that are jailbreaked are now also available in the OS. So people will stay away from jailbreak.

Jail breaking is considered to be illegal in the past that could void your device warranty.

After some years, jail breaking has become legal only if you are not installing paid applications for free by utilizing the tools of jailbreak.

Nowadays, jailbreak is nothing but allowing unsigned applications to be installed and run on your device and it has become a boon for the people. (It is the requirement of Apple that the applications which run on your iDevice must be signed with a certificate. In this way, they have a better control over their device and the applications that run on it. )#).

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